Eco Divino Divine Echo 
Daily spiritual comment presented in version of video, Mp3 and texts. (Free to use for media dissemination) 
By Rev. Alexis Bastidas

Liturgical Music Contest
This International liturgical music contest gave us the opportunity to develop new music for the Sunday Mass. The contest will be presented every two years. 
By Professor Ramon Catalan


These events offer the opportunity to reach out the community and in the process collect some donation for charity programs.
World Concert Series These concerts reflect the musical heritage of our neighborhood (Upper West side of New York City)By Mr. Bill Berger, Gustavo& Alexandra Bernal and Alexis Bastidas

11 o’clock: Music of the  Mass at Blessed Sacrament by the musicians Edith Ramirez & Enrique Lopez. Julian& Katy Chang 

Gallery Communitas Dei also is offering to artist in the neighborhood the opportunity to expose their works. Currently we have a Dario Puccini 

Manhattan Camerata
Communitas Dei & Blessed Sacrament Church are offering support to this musical organization through the use of the living room of the convent for meetings and rehearsals. 


Art for Life

Art is the way that let us arrive until our most impenetrable inner self.

That world that seems of exclusive domain of a few elected can be our, can be the space where to search for peace, joy, enricher solitude, abstraction.   

“The culture, the art - Master Francesco Santoro says - is the lifesaver that the human being has at hand to overtake the weight of a life marked by the material needs. When we are creating, the time stops, the world around us remain in silence, the beauty floods us”.

But, is it possible to be one of those “elected” that can find peace and pleasure in the art?

Francesco Santoro has no doubt about it. “All of us have a creative potential, everyone can learn to draw, to paint, to sing, to play an instrument, to write. To be a genius maybe is for a few, but the pleasure of art can be collective…”

Applying a technique that lead us to balance the functions of the two hemispheres of our brain, Francesco Santoro gives to everyone the gift of the drawing, the composition, the painting.  “My practices are directed to silence the left hemisphere, the one of the logic that we have more developed, and let the right one, the one of the intuition and creativity, to occupy that space”.

Born in Italy, Santoro has dedicated half of his life to study the Renaissance period, passing years in the study of antique files to understand until the minimal detail all about the great masters techniques, since the different use and quality of the colors and pigments, until the application of decorative techniques as the gold leaf. 

After years of expertise in the practice of all the antique techniques, he moved to Venezuela where he has developed a very successful art program on different levels, and has dedicated also to the restoration and conservation of artworks.  

His lectures are a jovial, entertained and cultivated journey through the arts of different historical periods.  With his words he lead us to see what we haven’t seen before, to know the artist’s secrets, to imagine the artist in their time and their cities, to visit their ateliers and to know the reason of their geniality. 
In love with the arts and with all the benefits the arts gives to everyone who approach it, with his art programs Francesco Santoro shares his knowledge to all the ones who wants to benefit from a creative pause.  

Workshops, lectures and museum guided visits for the summer (July-August) that we can develop with Maestro Francesco Santoro:

Drawing – composition – color principles.

  • Drawing technique to learn how to draw with the correct activity balance of the two hemispheres of the brain.
  • Drawing composition: How to reach the harmony among the different elements of a drawing 
  • Color basics. To learn the color perception and how to reach the harmony through the use of the color.

Dates: Monday – Tuesday- Wednesday (July 13th to August 19th.)
From 2:00 to 5:30 pm

Weekly: 200$

Complete program (6 weeks) 800$

Restoration: When the art overcome the time

Restauration technique of:

  • Fresco paint
  • Oil paint
  • Murals
  • Antique frames 

Dates: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday (August 3rd to 19th.)
From: 6:00 to 8:30 pm

Weekly: 200$
Complete program (3 weeks) 600$


Museum guided visits

In this visits Francesco Santoro will explain, from a masterpiece, the characteristics of the authors and their times.  

For our program students and open to the public.
Dates: Fridays (July 16th, 23rd, 30th.)
From 3:00 to 5:00 pm.
Art Program students $15
Public: $20

Lectures on Masters of the Italian Renaissance

Piero Della Francesca

For our program students and open to the public.
Dates: Thursdays (August 6th and 13th) 
From: 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Art Program students: Free
Public: $10